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Foot Pain | Diagnosis | Identifier | Physical Therapy

Updated: Mar 30

What causes foot pain?

In general, there are many situations that can cause foot pain such as diseases, biomechanical conditions, injuries and as well as wearing improper footwear.

One of the reasons for having a pain in your foot might be a disease, viruses and as well as bacteria. If you have plantar warts on the bottom of your foot which is the result of a virus, then this can cause pain and irritation too. Fungus, in its turn, can cause the so-called Athlete’s foot which also leads to irritation and pain.

Another common reason for having a foot pain is an ingrown toenail. This is caused when the edges of the nail keep growing into the skin of the toe which leads to pain while creating an infection. Note that, due to having compromised immune systems, diabetes patients are more inclined to experience this infection.

Diabetes, lupus and as well as rheumatoid arthritis are some of many systematic illnesses that can lead to foot pain. Painful inflammation in the joints of patients’ foot can be caused by rheumatoid. Another general causes of having foot pain include deformities, calcaneal varus, calcaneal valgus, and as well as bunions, claw toes and etc.

In addition, muscle imbalances, deformities and foot pain occur when muscle experiences biomechanical abnormalities, tendon tightness, flat feet and etc.

Also, other common causes of foot pain are trauma originating from an acute injury or as well as from an accumulative repetitive injury. For instance, Achilles’ tear is one of the examples of these types of injuries. In this scenario, the patient’s tendon can be torn due to an acute, sudden injury.

Additionally, you may also experience micro-trauma in the result of running on uneven surfaces or by just wearing shoes that have poor force-absorption features.


Foot pain can be diagnosed if a patient has swelling, redness, warmth, and as well as tenderness on the injured foot. Having a foot pain can also result in experiencing difficulties with sleeping and also poor function during daily activities. Limping and disability can also be observed.


Foot pain is mostly caused by trauma, disease, and injuries. This can also happen if a patient has a poor biomechanical alignment and as well as wearing the improper type of footwear.  Particularly, if you are wearing shoes that fit tight, then it may cause pain on the top of your foot. Women wearing high heels can also experience pain around the ball of their feet just below the toes

As an identifier for foot pain, you need just a few insights into when you feel the pain. Later you will need to find a possible fix. You need to realize too if the pain affected by weight-bearing, or does it hurt when you move your foot? Also, do you think it affects the way you walk?


You may feel arch pain in your heel of the foot. Patients can also feel the pain in the top of their foot, or even in your ankles, knees, hips, legs, and back. Please note that the pain you experience may differ when you walk or stand, or during or after activities, depending on the principal cause. You may also feel more intense pain in the morning when you wake up.

You can have arch pain if your muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons get injured which forms the arch of the foot. This can also happen because of structural issues when those problems aggravated by weight gain, aging, overuse and etc.


If you want to have a relief from foot pain, then fill one basin with cold water and another with water as hot as you can comfortably stand. This is going to be a refreshing and stimulating treat for your sore feet.

First place your feet in the cold water. After waiting 5-6 minutes, switch to the hot water. Keep repeating this “hydromassage” which helps to alternately dilate and constricting blood vessels in your feet, enhancing blood circulation.

You can also purchase a roller particularly tailored for massaging the soles of the feet. Or, you can simply perform easy movements like rolling your bare feet over a tennis ball, or rolling pin for several minutes.

Note that, if you experience foot pain due to flat feet, then you may find utilizing shoe inserts, or orthotics in order to relieve the pain.

Physical therapy

Some of the common injuries, especially experienced by athletes, are foot and ankle injuries. Hydroactive Rehabilitation Center offers numerous valuable rehabilitation programs especially tailored for athletes to remedy foot and ankle issues.

At Hydroactive, we implement physical therapy as one of the most widely used and respected types of rehabilitation options for foot and ankle sprains and ailments.

During the therapy sessions, our experts emphasize the implementation of therapeutic, focused workouts that are tailored to repair a joint range of motion, muscle health, neuromuscular coordination.

For many years, physical therapy was considered to be a very useful form of recovery and has served millions of patients around the globe who suffer from foot and ankle problems. These patients got back on their feet, quite accurately. As previously mentioned, foot and ankle are some of the most prevalent areas that see both chronic and acute pain due to many different causes. This is especially prevalent in athletes and physically active people.

We suggest that if you experience sustaining serious injury in your foot or ankle, then you may think of looking into a focused physical therapy program. Having physical therapy will help you to develop strength, flexibility, and range of motion, all while targeting certain muscles. Physical therapy not only corrects problems originating from sports and overuse injuries, but it also addresses problems associated with recovery from a foot or ankle surgery.

If you want to learn more about physical therapy for foot and ankle problems at Hydroactive, contact us today.

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