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Rehabilitation Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy For Herniated Disc

Updated: Mar 30

In general, since the symptoms of a herniated disc can vary, individuals may feel intense pain or no apparent changes. However, herniated disc or slipped disc most of the time results in chronic pain, muscle weakness or as well as affected nerves which can deter daily activities of those suffering from the condition. The gradual wear and tear of the discs cause disc degeneration which results in a hernia.

Individuals suffering from low chronic back pain due to conditions such as herniated disc can benefit from aquatic therapy which is one of the best therapeutic exercises. Most of the time those who are diagnosed with a herniated disc or similar condition are prescribed an exercise or physical therapy. For these individuals, aquatic therapy or kinds of water exercises are very beneficial due to its low impact and low pain option.

Generally, exercises in water are carried out in warm water to get the best results for spinal stenosis or herniated disc condition. Among the warm water therapy benefits, there is dilation of blood vessels. According to the Arthritis Foundation, when blood vessels dilate it helps to increase the blood flow to the area, which results in relaxation of tense muscles and develops joint flexibility and as well as mobility.

In normal conditions, when you exercise in the land, your muscles get strengthened by the addition of spinal pressure from gravity. However, with the natural resistance property of water, you can develop your muscles with less pressure and discomfort.

Exercising underwater helps individuals suffering from the conditions like a herniated  disc to increase their range of motion, flexibility and as well as strength. It also allows them to perform exercises without getting tired and stopping.

Aquatic therapy methods date back to ancient times. In addition, modern research also shows the benefits of aquatic therapy for many conditions. A research carried out in June 2009 and reported of the journal called Spine, shows that aquatic therapy exercises yields much better results in the treatment and improvement of chronic low back pain and increases the quality of life for patients suffering from conditions like a hernia.

Therefore, if you are prescribed with physical therapy or exercise due to the conditions mentioned above, then it might be wise to ask about whether you might also be cleared out for aqua therapy.

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