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What is Chronic Pain Management

In essence, Chronic Pain Management or CPM, is a multidisciplinary approach to treating pain that has persisted over long periods of time. Depending on the underlying causes, the treatment might involve physiotherapychiropracticaquatic therapy, and psychotherapy to achieve ultimate results.

Chronic Pain vs Acute Pain

Acute pain is when a person can usually specify the cause and by eliminating the cause you will eliminate the pain. Chronic pain is more complex involving many aspects of the human body, thus it is harder to treat and recovery time tends to be much longer than acute pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may last months and for some, even years. There are many probable causes that could include diseases like cancer and arthritis or it can also be a​ result of a known injury that has otherwise resolved

CPM Program at Hydro Active

Our Chronic Pain Management programs in Vaughan are specifically designed after the guidelines to accelerate healing and put our patients on the path of pain-free life faster. With the help of advanced and unique activities such as aquatic therapy, patients suffering from slip and fall, car accidents, sports or work injuries find themselves on a path to recovery sooner.

We Use Telus Health eClaims

Telus eClaims is a web-based system that allows our clinic to submit our clients’ claims online, bypassing traditional mail-in system and vastly accelerating service. It’s secure and allows direct reimbursement and immediate confirmation of the insurance company’s response when offered by the insurer. 


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