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Aquatic Therapy: A Hope For Obese Patients

Updated: Mar 30

In the modern world, obesity is increasingly becoming an epidemic. However, not everyone considers aquatic therapy as the first choice for weight loss and to recover. Accordingly, obese, overweight people may suffer from certain physical ailments including joint and back pain and as well as fibromyalgia and arthritis

Of course, for these patients, the first option to lose weight is changing their lifestyles. This includes cutting consumed calories, adding exercises into their daily schedules in order to manage weight. However, for these patients exercising is not an easy task to accomplish due to its being daunting or painful. Aquatic therapy, however, can be an answer and help obese patients to lose weight.


Water or aquatic therapy is one of the efficient methods for patients with range-of-motion or other flexibility related issues to lose weight. This is due to the reason that, water reduces body weight up to 90% and as well as pressure on joints, which allows patients to perform exercises which otherwise is difficult to perform on land. In addition, since there is no risk of injuring or falling oneself, patients with balance issues enjoy exercising in water. 

According to the number of clinical studies, obese people find it easier to perform regular pool workouts for weight loss. This is because, when these individuals make movements in the water there is a significantly lower perception of pain compared to land exercise. 

Furthermore, research shows that performing walking activity underwater yields the same cardiovascular benefits as performing the same activity on land. In general in aqua therapy sessions you will find the following benefits of the workouts:

• Burn more calories per minute than land exercise

• Decrease pain

• Increase strength and as well as mobility

• Regain range of motion and improve endurance

• Improve muscular balance

• Reduce swelling in joints

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