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Mechanical low back pain treatment with aqua therapy

Updated: Mar 30

Back pain is widespread pain; the most common reason patients reach out to physicians. Mechanical low back pain is any type of pain caused by mechanical reasons like joint or muscle strain.

We have a dedicated number of articles to different types of pain that we treat at Hydroactive. You can access our blog posts here.  If you are interested in chronic back pains, please, visit our blog post about Chronic Low Back Pain. In this post, we are going to discuss what mechanical low back pain is, how it is treated, and how aqua therapy or physiotherapy can help you to rehabilitate in a short period.

What is mechanical low back pain?

Mechanical back pain arises from sources like a spine, surrounding soft tissues, discs, joints or nerves. You may feel either a local pain or spread pain in your lower back. That kind of pain usually occurs after repetitive trauma or overuse of the specific area; regular heavy lifting, twisting, forward-bending are some examples. If discomfort, tenderness or pain continues more than 4-6 weeks, further diagnosis and treatment can be advised.

Here at Hydroactive, we make a full assessment of an individual condition and develop a customized treatment based on the type of mechanical pain.

How is mechanical low back pain treated?

In many cases, over the counter pills or short-term rest is sufficient to treat many kinds of mechanical low back pain. Treatment also differs based on the severity of the condition. Here are the general types of non-surgical treatment:

Bed rest: In some cases, bed-rest up to 48 hours is recommended. Physicians can recommend a bed-rest if a patient has severe spasm or pain, which not possible to intervene at the beginning.

Exercise or physical activity: When the pain is mild, the recommended way is to stick to your regular schedule. Be physically active and exercise without overdoing. Sometimes, if a person with mechanical back pain stops activities, the illness can progress.

Over the counter medications: This is also a short-term solution where patients can take muscle relaxants for several days.

Physiotherapy: Empirical studies have shown that physiotherapy is an integral part of diagnosing and treatment of mechanical low back pain. Early physical therapy designed and monitored by a professional physician has shown substantially reduced times of recovery and further health-related costs. Hot and cold therapy, exercise programs, stretching, therapeutic ultrasound, osteopathic manipulative treatment, aqua therapy are some examples of physical therapy that can be applied to treat mechanical back pain. Based on the condition, our physicians develop a program including one or a combination of treatment.

How does aqua therapy help cure mechanical low back pain?

Aqua therapy is a widely used therapy exercise that is applied to a variety of physically painful conditions.  Our physicians develop individually integrated programs for each of our patients to maximize the results and shorten the time of recovery. Aqua therapy has its advantages over other types of physical therapy, especially for mechanical low back pain:

Aqua therapy is the most comfortable type of exercise for people with low back pain because it can reduce the spinal weight up to 90% compared to dryland exercises. The water helps the patient with pain relief, weight support and stress reduction. The therapist works with the patient more comfortably as it is easier to manipulate the body in water, and it is less uncomfortable for the patient.

Overweight people with back pain conditions may benefit from the easiness and enjoyment of water exercises. The main point here is that aqua therapy is different than regular water exercise; it should be designed by a certified professional to avoid further damage. You can learn about the differences between water exercises and aqua therapy in our blog post.

Here at Hydroactive, we suggest clinically proven aqua therapy that accelerates your healing process.

In conclusion

If you are experiencing any type of back pain longer than several weeks, we recommend contacting your family physician to learn more about your condition. Chronic pains may lead to severe problems if left untreated. Mechanical low back pain is one of the conditions that can develop, and it is easier to treat it at an early stage. If you are not sure what kind of pain causes you discomfort, feel free to contact, book an appointment online and get a free assessment from our professional physicians in Vaughan, Thornhill, or Barrie.

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