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How can elderly people benefit from aqua therapy?

Updated: Mar 30

In general, for aging adults, it is important to stay active. However, exercising or performing some certain movements for seniors with health conditions like joint problems or arthritis often becomes harder. When exercising regularly, seniors can improve their overall well-being, reduce the risk of fall and also increase the quality of their life.

At Hydroactive Rehabilitation Center, aquatic therapy sessions for elderly people often includes performing water aerobics,  and other water-based activities like strength training, yoga and as well as water jogging. According to the research, elderly people who regularly take water-based exercises experience decrease improvements in quality of life along with the other important benefits aquatic therapy offers.

In general, all these benefits are originating from the amazing properties of water. For example, hydrostatic pressure, which is created by the force when fluid molecules exert on the body once immersed in water, provides many advantages for elderly people in aquatic treatment.

The important point to note is that the hydrostatic pressure of the water does not even require any single movement. In addition, it promotes reduced swelling in pain and improves the range of motion which older adults may often face difficulties while performing. Also, the pressure also helps to increase blood circulation and venous return.

Another benefit of aquatic therapy for elderly people is the natural resistance of water

Natural resistance property of water provides such an environment for muscles that they can even work harder in water than doing the same movement or exercises on land. Since water resistance helps to use more muscles to work out, it translated to better muscle-toning benefits.

Also, the elderly can develop their muscle balance without the risk of falling thanks to the resistance of water. Aquatic therapy can often address issues with back pain by effectively development both sides of muscles.  

Aging adults can also gain strength and balance with regular aquatic workouts

Worsening vision and aging limbs are often associated with the increased risk of falling in older adults. Therefore the loss of balance can be re-gained by participating in regular aquatic therapy sessions. In addition, seniors can improve their balance and strengthen their muscles by performing quick leg and arm movements in the water.

Cardiovascular benefits

In general, working out and doing exercises helps to get the heart rate up. The same also applies for elderly people: when they do water jogging, swimming and as well as other aquatic aerobics, they increase their aerobic fitness and capacity while promoting the fat burning process. Since delivery of oxygen becomes effective during the exercises, aquatic therapy also promotes heart health while reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Of course, while aquatic therapy delivers many benefits for elderly people, it is wise to consult to a professional before starting a new aquatic exercie regiment. You can contact us today and find the best programs suitable for you with help of our professional experts.

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