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Is Deep Water Running Good for Injury Recovery?

Updated: Mar 30

For many years, professional runners have used deep water running, or aqua jogging for cross-training. It is not only an excellent way to get fit but to deal with injuries as well. If perhaps you have gone through surgery in your hips, knees, and back, excess stress and gaining weight can slow healing. But deep water running can solve these issues allowing you to continue with your regular life.

According to recent research on deep water-water running, deep water running is not very much different from real running. One can easily adjust their cardiovascular demands between easy and moderate intensities. It is the best way to maintain your body health as well as recover much faster.

How does it work?

There is no fuss about explaining what deep water running is. It is merely running in water. You need to be in a pool deep but not too deep. The depth or the pool must be enough to keep you from touching the ground. That means you will be utilizing the same muscles used in regular running, only without pressure on the injured areas.

Running in the air allows you to move faster because there is not as much resistance. Water, on the other hand, creates a lot of physical resistance. As such, you will feel as if you running for real without stepping on the ground. This is the perfect solution for cross-training activity during recovery.

Why it works

Well, you may be wondering how deep water running will make you realize your goals. Even without trying it out yet, many facts support its effectiveness, among other benefits of cross-training for runners.

To begin with, you are exposed to a different range of motions. And any direction you take achieves that same resistance on the body as the other. For this reason, you can run in different directions and still feel the results of your effort.

There is no impact, like when you feel when your feet hit the ground. This means there is no stress on the joints, which slows healing. An injured athlete, therefore, has an opportunity to heal well, while retaining their fitness.

Deepwater running is an excellent cross-training activity. It is a way of sustaining exercises on your muscles in different ways while recovering from injuries. For those who don’t like swimming, you can still have a good time in the pool without being forced to swim.

You may not be able to run for a while if you are injured, which is the hardest thing for an athlete. With deep water running, you should gain a better running form without causing more harm to that lousy hip.

Are you trying to work on a new technique? Deepwater running lets you do this without stressful mile coverage. You will be able to increase resistance and effort from the comfort of the pool.

For a professional athlete or anyone concerned about their fitness, recovering from injuries can be a stressful time. It is the hardest moment where they are forced to sit, bored until they get better. With deep water running, however, you can live your normal life and beat that boredom and exercise. You will not be affecting your healing process in any way.

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