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Recovery Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Patients

Updated: Mar 30

Since ancient times people knew and benefited from the therapeutic features of water. Especially the stroke survivors who recover from chronic pain, stroke issues and fear of falling can utilize the soothing characteristics of water to improve their recovery. Of course, it is logical to believe that water which is relaxing and enjoyable is an excellent form of therapy.

Recovery Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Patients

Using the therapeutic properties of water therapy stroke survivors can significantly improve their recovery and this, in turn, can offer the hope of a better quality of life.

The buoyancy feature makes moving in water easily since the body weight is decreased up to 90 percent. An individual can feel the improvement in his or her balance and coordination since water supports a person’s body. This support, in turn, helps the patient to confidently move his or her body. In fact, people can exercise and stretch their muscles much easier in water and also in ways that otherwise are not possible on land due to increased risk of falling.

Helps to gain strength

Since people are more stable in water, water’s resistance helps patients to gain more strength in less time in the water than it is on land. Resistance placed on muscles increases in water due to the water’s being denser than air. Resistance helps to improve blood flow in muscles which in turn, improves the patient’s ability to regaining muscle strength and increase the motor performance. You can gain strength and improve your cardiovascular capabilities with water therapy which is one of the most effective forms of exercise. In addition, the stronger gets your body the more competent it becomes in performing daily activities on land.

Water therapy relieves the pain

Along with its features like offering a more stable and gentle environment, aqua therapy can also promote pain management. In general, patients can relieve their aches and pains in therapeutic water heated at 88 – 96 degrees. One of the interesting facts of having an aqua therapy session is that it can soothe head pain even though during the therapy sessions you do not need to put your head underwater. When you submerge the rest of your body in warm water, your muscles and tension in the head are loosened. Considering all these benefits we can easily say that stroke survivors can feel better more quickly when they implement water therapy sessions.

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