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The Most Important Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy |

Updated: Mar 30

In general, aquatic therapy or pool therapy are exercise programs that you perform in the water. Depending on your medical conditions, you can see many benefits of aquatic therapy since it is used in a variety of medical circumstances. During the aqua therapy sessions, patients use the physical properties of water to helps them heal and improve exercise performance.

So, what are the benefits of aquatic therapy? One of the benefits of aquatic therapy is the buoyancy of the water which helps in supporting the weight of the patient. The buoyancy helps to reduce the amount of weight bearing. This, in turn, significantly decreases the force of stress placed on the joints. Especially, patient with arthritis, healing with fractured bones and as well as overweight people can benefit from this feature of aqua therapy. This way of therapy makes it easier to perform the required exercises due to the reduced amount of joint stress. The resistance provided by the viscosity of water is a great way of having resistance which is needed as a part of the aquatic therapy exercise program. In fact, resistance helps muscles to improve its functionality without a need for weights. Therefore, the person having therapy sessions can utilize resistance coupled with the water’s buoyancy in order to strengthen muscle groups. The same exercises cannot be experienced on land with decreased joint stress like in water.

Benefits of hydrostatic pressure Also, hydrostatic pressure utilized in aquatic therapy sessions helps patients to reduce swelling and develop joint positional awareness. This, in turn, helps to improve proprioception. Patients with torn ligaments experience with joint spraints which reduces proprioception. Hydrostatic pressure also helps to decrease joint and as well as soft tissue swellings which occur in result of injury or arthritic disorders. In addition, the warmth of water during the aqua therapy exercises increase blood flow to injured areas due to its relaxing feature of muscles and validating vessels. This feature in aquatic therapy is especially valuable for patients who experience muscle spasms, back pain, and fibromyalgia. Hydrostatic pressure is one of the best benefits of aqua therapy and it’s force exerts on the immersed body by fluid molecules. Patients are not required to perform any movement in order to benefits from hydrostatic pressure. Since hydrostatic pressure helps to reduce pain and edema, the patient’s range of motion increases. In addition, due to its influence the heart and decreasing blood pooling, venous return and circulation increases. If you experience any of the conditions described above and want to build your strength then our Hydroactive Aquatic Therapy center in Vaughan may be the right option for you. For more health advice and information please contact us or just fill our contact form.

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